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Chairman Desk

A hearty welcome to Kanachur Academy of General Education. With the contemporary world accelerating towards the creation of a global knowledge based society it is of paramount importance that the system of education in India too raises to its challenge.

Hence, we have embarked on setting up of a school holding forth the promise o uncompromising standards of education.

Iam proud to say that Kanachur Academy of General Education is the first school in the region, to take care of every aspect of development of the child along with inculcation of self discipline. The methodologies of the Academy are directed at enabling the child to discover his/her strengths and weakness, in a conducive environment of opportunities, to help the child to blossom into a total human being.

It is of utmost importance, that our future citizens are imbibed with a sense of excellence and the pursuit of the same, made a part of their life system at very early age, for those who do not presses this rare quality will be seriously deprived of the ability as far as achievement and success are concerned. The route to achieving excellence is through personal empowerment of the individual. It is with this underlying philosophy in mind, that we have made “Empowerment for excellence” our motto. Needless to mention that the empowerment of the students of the Academy will be through the dissemination of knowledge, exposure to specific skills and all round development of one’s personality, Alongside, self discipline is vitally the most needed for realization of the above, naturally embedded on account of our being a different unique school.

Hence, I hope that you will take this opportunity as your own and provide your child with the right methodology of education at the kanachur Academy of general education. Welcoming you once again.

U.K Monu