about us


           In conformity with our motto Empowerment for Excellence”, we work for the total development of our children – body, mind and soul. Equal importance is being paid to inculcation of values and ethics besides development of body and mind. We are proud of the availability of an excellent infra structure – spacious classrooms with good ventilation, vast playgrounds, swimming pools (big and Small) and attractive ambience with greenery around. Lot of space is being provided for the movement of our students.

As every child is a gift of God with inherent differences and potentialities, special attention is being given to the growth of each and every child to the optimum. Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex. Children with learning disabilities are paid special care and attention. Teachers are student friendly and well equipped to handle general problems of the students taking into confidence their parents too. Children with exceptional difficulties are referred to competent people to sort out their problems.

Teachers are provided with opportunities for their professional growth throughout the year especially in the development of their counseling skills besides effective teaching skills. We have a dedicated band of well qualified, experienced and student friendly teachers who work relentlessly for the all round development of our students preparing them not only to face examinations but to face life itself.

Learning occurs from womb to tomb and this should be a joyful experience. We at KANACHUR are striving to achieve this. Come to KANACHUR to have a fulfilling and joyous learning experience.