For the all round development of the students and in tune with the school motto “empowerment for excellence”, all the required facilities are provided by the school..


A spacious reading room and a library with a large collection of books of academic, scientific, sports and literary interest, magazines and journals, newspapers and periodicals are provided. The library is reader friendly with facilities to read newspapers and free access to books.


Separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are set up which inculcate a scientific temper among students.

An Arts And Crafts Workshop

An Arts and Crafts Workshop provides students the required exposure to various arts and crafts with opportunities for hands on activities Computer Lab

To face the challenges of IT the school provides for a computer lab with 40 computers and internet facilities. Students are provided with training right from standard I. The computers are upgraded from time to time to keep pace with innovations in technology.

Smart Class

Learning at Kanachur Public School is made experiential, purposeful, enjoyable, effective and memorable by the introduction of modern teaching technology like Smart Class. Every teacher is trained to use of the smart class to the utmost benefit of the students

Health and Medical Care

To ensure the physical well being of the students’ adequate facilities for health and medical care are offered. The school provides the services of medical practitioners for regular check up and health monitoring.


The school has appointed teachers who are trained counselors for the personal well being of the students and their parents. In extreme cases students are referred to professional counselors. The teachers offer academic, personal and career counseling to students.

Extra Curriculars

For the all round development of the students a variety of extra curriculars are offered as part of the curriculum. Students are provided with opportunities through special interest associations and clubs to develop their soft skills in debating, public speaking, group discussion, and quizzing, besides drawing, painting and nature watching according to their individual talents and aptitude. An amphitheater offers opportunities in performing arts such as Drama, Yakshagana, Bharatanatyam, and Hindustani, Carnatic and Western Music and Dance.

School Band

Those who have aptitude for music are encouraged to play various musical instruments such as Tabla, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Key Board, and School Band under the tutelage of proficient teachers.

Sports and Games

The school is committed to the principle of “sound mind in a sound body”. Hence physical fitness and health are considered to be of paramount importance. The vast school campus provides playgrounds specially designed for popular sports like Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Throw ball, Kho-Kho, Tennicoit, Shuttle Badminton, Karate, Chess and Athletics. There are Three Physical Education teachers and coaches in various games to train the students.

Swimming Pool

The school has a standard swimming pool 25mtr x 6 lanes and a baby pool for beginners. There is a swimming coach and a life guard to teach swimming to students of different age groups. Girls are trained separately. Swimming competitions are held regularly to promote swimming.

School Canteen

The school has a canteen which caters clean, hygienic and healthy food to the students and the staff members at the most competitive rates.